USSP leader criticizes South Sudan government's security policy

August 5, 2009 (London) - The deputy leader of South Sudan United Party, Brian Badi, has criticized the government of South Sudan on their

Victims of tribal clashes in South Sudan
security policy. Speaking to Sudan Radio Service from London, Mr. Badi said that the government of South Sudan has been in power for four years, the time most democratic governments have for the first term.


Badi said that GOSS has "been giving lame excuses that south Sudan has just come out of war. The war ended a  long, long time ago and they have been in power for four years."

The government of South Sudan has been in power for about four years, however, little has been achieved in terms of security. Various parts of South Sudan have been plagued by insecurity stemming from tribal clashes.

Recently, tribal clashes broke out in Jongulei state leaving hundreds of people dead. While the government has put in place some modalities to combat inter-tribal fueds, inter-tribal fighting is still rampant.


"As far as security is concerned, I think I would categorize the causes of insecurity in southern Sudan into five categories, A, is the LRA, the Ugandan rebels. B, is the Ambororo, the Janjaweed or people on horseback who come from the north. C, is the armed groups or militias in the south. D, I would say are the individuals possessing illegal arms or weapons, individuals roaming about in southern Sudan with illegal weapon in their hands. E, is the soldiers who take the law into their own hands and use their guns to commit crimes," Bradi said.


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