Sudanese teen sentenced to 35 years for murder

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Published on Friday, 08 May 2009 23:43
Written by The New Sudan Vision (NSV),
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Gareng Deng, 17, was sentenced to 35 years Friday for murder of a woman (Kane County State's Attorney's Office)
(NSV) - A 17-year-old teen originally from Southern Sudan pleaded guilty for a murder of a woman from Chicago on Friday, four years since he killed Marilyn Bethell, local Chicago papers report.

A local judge said after accepting the plea: “Mr. Deng, you have affected many lives by your actions. I hope you reflect on that over the next 35 years.”

Gareng Deng, 14 at the time of the murder entered into the home of Bethell without her permission and forced her to leave at gunpoint, local authorities said in a release. 

“Bethell was taken to a wooden area a few miles from her home and shot once in the head, execution style,” a local paper said. 

The victim was later found dead nearly two months later. Local papers don’t explicitly say the motive for the killing but they disclosed Deng ‘has a lengthy juvenile criminal record.’ 

According to Illinois law, Deng has to serve 100 per cent of the sentence.