Somali pirates free controversial Ukrainian ship reportedly bound for South Sudan

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Published on Friday, 06 February 2009 00:00
Written by The New Sudan Vision NSV
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Ukrainian shipping vessel MV Faina | Photo Credit: Time Magazine
The Ukrainian ship that Somali pirates hijacked four months ago, has been released, various reports confirm.

The Ukrainian shipping vessel MV Faina was destined for Kenyan coast of Mombasa when the pirates commandeered it. It had on Russian tanks, grenade launchers and other small arms. Its captain died of heart attack immediately after pirates seized it.

The BBC claims it has found a document that allegedly links it to South Sudan with the initials "MOD/GOSS" which they say stand for Ministry of Defense/Government of South Sudan. Kenya, however, denies it, saying the initials stand for "General Ordinance and Security Supplies," a part of the Kenyan Defense Ministry.

The SPLA has denied the weapons were bound for South Sudan. South Sudan's ambassador to Kenya John Andruga Duku told the Time South Sudan has nothing to hide.

"Constitutionally, the government of South Sudan is not under any restraint against buying arms anywhere in the world," he said.