NCP-SPLM Merger has profound implications on politics of Sudan and its neighbouring countries

NCP-SPLM Merger has profound implications on politics of Sudan and its neighbouring countries

The formation of the GONU on 9th July 2005 in Sudan has deep and profound consequences in interrelationship that exist between politics, geography and population of the two governments and their neighbouring countries, for example Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Congo, Chad and Egypt. Indeed, close and critical analysis of the outcome of the recent talks between SPLM and NCP reveals the direction and scope to which the newly political fragmentation between the two partners ought to take in order to find a possible solution to political crisis now happening in Sudan, which is now a situation of going back to war in order to achieve a full implementation of the CPA and total power over the country as seen an option by either NCP or the SPLM in the current situation.

Although CPA has brought small development, freedom of speech and some security stability both in the North and South of the country, there are still a lot of challenges impacted by the CPA and the formation of the GONU. For instance, Southerners as well as the marginalised people of Sudan have now known the full cause of Ayan-nya war in Sudan and so if South is to revert to war again with North, it will be an individual choice to take arms against who, and each and every citizen of Sudan has now known their boundaries with Arabs and who is their brother and where to lean on when in trouble. On the other hand, the current political situation in Sudan has affected her neighbouring countries especially Uganda and Congo in terms of insecurity. The government in the north is still arming the Lord's Resistance Army of Uganda to commit atrocities against the people of Uganda, and the Jajaweed militias against the people of Darfur in Western Sudan. These solid facts happening currently in Sudan and other mentioned areas.

From the above readings, the pessimists and columnists alike, might ask and want to know what the SPLM/SPLA must do to liberate its people from oppression and social injustice under the state being ruled by an army Field Marshall president. However, the new SPLM/A must address and help seek peaceful resolutions to an innumerable of problems facing South and the marginalised Sudanese. Those problems, be the war, political negotiations or declaration of an independent state, needs a committed leader who is ready to commit time and resources in ensuring that solutions are obtained. Otherwise, if we do not get up and fight for our freedom, which is our wish and hope, we shall not attain it.

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