Darfur's poblem is intertwined with other Sudanese problems

Since the independent of Sudan from Britain in 1956 Sudanese people's struggle for equality, justice, and freedom wasn't just South's war for self determinations but it was the whole Sudan's problem. Sudanese people's first attempt to create a democratic country right after independent which failed right away. Leaded many people in the North which were mainly Muslim to think of creating an Islamic state in a country which there are hundreds of tribes,cultures, Christian and animist, customs; with their own languages and cultures. In a country like Sudan the only way for everyone to live in peace is to create a democratic country were where people are not ruled by one part of the country or one person and have self determination.

In a country like Sudan people need to learn that the power is on their hand but it's always taken off from their hand by fear or power of money that is handed by the government which is the main and problem causing in Sudan. The main problems in Sudan of course have been created by the Northern government that have been ruling the country for decade and never made changes but created more problems in our country Sudan. For example, arming militia, Arab tribes against African and using religion as their main propaganda.

Sudanese People liberation Movement/Army SPLM/A which fought along with people from Nuba mountains with their one vision of New Sudan that will give every Sudanese equal rights, freedom of speech, expression, religion and self-determination in every part of Sudan. New Sudan dream still live inside many Sudanese in Sudan and outside Sudan. For example, now in Nuba mountains where many people do not believe in the government of Sudan just like every where in Sudan. We all know that our vision didn't just came out of no where or just because we had to follow our leader and their vision, but it came from Nubian, Southerners, and Darfuris experiences in the North. For example, many Southerner, Nubian, and Darfuris are denied Jobs for being in certain tribe or Southerner being denied education for Not being Muslim or sometimes being asked to convert to Islam. We the people of Sudan need to stand together and forget the propaganda days of the Northern government and create changes instead of us fighting each others over someone's interest or dream.. Let's all defeat our greatest enemy first then we can talk about power and building communities and our great country Sudan. People of Sudan have always been used against each others for Northern government's interest, but now that we all know this game and have clear image of our enemy's ideas and tricks to use as for their interest. Our country Sudan is facing great economic, social, and political problems which is felt mostly in Southern Sudan, Darfur, and the Nuba mountains while the son of Shemali'ah are enjoying the luxury that have been created by their country Sudan's oil wealth.

Our people in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, and many other part of Sudan lack basic education while the son and daughter of Shemali'ah or those who their parents work in the government graduate from top universities in Ireland, Dubai, the U.S, and Cairo. Many people in many different part of Sudan live under a dollar day and lack clean water, food, and basic health services. While those people who have voices and hand on wealth of Sudan enjoy luxury life and spending their evening nights on water steam air conditioning in Khartoum. We all know that you do not have to be a communism to try to point out all these truth and on going problems in our great country Sudan. For those who are living in displace person's camp in Khartoum and other part in Sudan now. You guys should wake up once and ask yourself this question. If I was really son of Sudan and Sudanese then why I'm living this condition? Are these other Sudan living in Khartoum enjoying the good life better than me?

Moreover, we all know that our people who are living in other countries such as Egypt, Kenya, Chad, and Ethiopia as refugees have escaped the country for the same problems that is still facing many Sudanese in Sudan now. For us to change all these problems in our country Sudan we need to stop taking sites or accepting our enemies offer to back down our rights. We need to stand up for our rights otherwise the U.N or the world police the United States won't be an option or listen to our voices because we are basically nothing in their list. We as Sudanese are cousins, brothers, and have a lot of things in common but our enemy always try to create boundaries between us. It shouldn't matter if you were Christian, Muslim or what so however your religion and your main role now is to take action against the greatest threat to our people dignity. Let's all put away our thought,hate, bitterness away from each others and seek change in Sudan not more problems. Almost everybody in Sudan have common vision, but our thoughts keeps as part from each others and we create more problems that create delays in implementing our vision and dreams. If we do not say enough Basher and his government won't stop their action in Darfur that they have been doing in Nuba mountains, Southern Sudan and many other part of Sudan before.

Therefore, if we don't solve the main problems we won't be able to solve other simple problems, struggle, and moves forward. Sudan Liberation Movement in Darfur is now calling upon son and daughter of Darfur and other part of Sudan to come along them to fight our greatest enemy. In my opinion, the right move for all Sudanese in Sudan is to reject, protest, and withdraw from current regime. whether you're in the army or work with the government you're part is to turn against your enemy for your country and people. Sudanese knows and believe that if that bloody government is out or soon there will be a lot of things out of Sudan and move forward will come. Since the independent the Northern government always work for the best interest of people of North Sudan not the Nubian, the Fur, or the Southerners. This is why we are so important when they have war to fight so they could use as as tools. Think about that and this message should go to every Sudanese in Sudan and outside Sudan.