Being Sudanese in America

Since 1993 till now many Sudanese have been emigrating from Refugees camp in Ethiopia, Kenya, and some of them come from Cairo Egypt. Here in the U.S many Sudanese boys and girls have been so motivated by the African American cultures. Many Sudanese youth have formed gang in places like Australia, U.S.A, Egypt. This subject of course isn't new to some of you guys so if you live in Egypt, U.S.A, Canada, and Australia you most have experienced Sudanese dressing as African America etc.. The problem is I wonder why can't Sudanese be themself and know the main point why they're in the place they're in today. We all know that of course there is a big different between a Sudanese and someone who's an African American..

For example, going to High School in the U.S I see many Sudanese being laughed at by those AFrican American because of their Dark skin and being African etc.. For example, once there is this African American kid arguing with a Sudanese guy while arguing he start harrassing him and telling him "You chocolate looking mother******".

You all know that those African American do not want anything that have to do with Africa they hate Sudan so bad that in many cities here in the U.S there have been cases of Sudanese's houses, cars, vandalized just for being Sudanese.. The point is this.. Why do Sudanese want to be like them since those people do not like them either. Why you want to act like them if they do not want anything to do with you. Once in school there is an argument about Africa and stuff then one African American got up and said "Dude I'm black not an African American.. Then I asked him where does black people come from? till this day he won't answer my question. My opinion to this subject is that.. African American hate anything to do with Africa because of the way Africa is today and how bad is the condition some of them see it as embarrassing to be in that race, some of them just hate being catograzied as an African American etc.. For example, it's like me not like my real family because I haven't know them for long time and just because I think I'm better than them.