Campaign Letter from Chol-Awan Majok, Candidate for President, Greater Bor Community - USA Inc.

Dear Voters:

I am running for the presidency of Greater Bor Community of the United States. I am humbled to have the privilege to serve this community with all my mind and spirit. I am excited for the opportunity to represent our great community in coming years. I am honored to be a part of Bor community at large. I want to restore our name, principles, and cultural values that have defined us as a people from generation to generation.

We are a people of values, dignity, and honor. We need a person that understands what our principles mean in practice. And we need a leader that is able to deliver on his words. My intentions are to bring hard work, determination, faith, and assertion of our name in Diaspora. I have tremendously enjoyed being a part of this great community for the past 30 years of my life. I am very proud of us as a people but, I have not always agreed with our leadership and the way we are moving forward. Our leadership must reflect our values of consistency, sacrifice, role modeling, pride, leadership, caring, and perseverance. To attain those, action must be louder than words.

I want you to take a journey with me into a world of tangible results. I know each of you wants to see products of his or her contribution in our community, and how those contributions have affected our community. I know our past leadership has let us down. But, I promise to give you the best: hard work, results, and fulfilled promises. I kindly ask for your support for the sake of our community. We need healing and transformation.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the best talents we have as a community and from which I have asked two of our best and brightest: Atem Arok Deng, BS (Social Work) and Gabriel Dut Bethou, BS (Accounting) who will serve at the helm of our community leadership hierarchy as vice president and general secretary, respectively. Both Atem and Dut bring a wealth of leadership experiences from their respective states of Vermont and Massachusetts, as well as Twic and Hol communities for the past decades here in the United States. We as a team will bring this community together and will be driven by result oriented leadership.

With my team, here are the visions that we have for our community:

  1. a.A Community outlook: My team and I believe in a brighter future for Greater Bor Community. This means that we have to respect and honor our individual values as sub-communities: Athoc, Twic, Gok, Xol, and Nyarweng. We believe that these sub-communities are who we are, and we must respect their wishes in every way and by all means possible. We believe we are bigger, stronger, and better than what we presently perceive ourselves to be.
  2. b.Actions with results: We believe that we will be more goal oriented, effective, determined, and time sensitive. We believe that each member is entitled to see and understand the power of their work. We will put emphasis on timing things and setting dates and deadlines for things that need to be done. We will work everyday to serve our communities like each day is our last.
  3. c.Leadership: We will value and reinforce each community’s rights in all angles within our reach. We will motivate and lead in the name of our community.
  4. d.Bigger community: We will continuously fight to keep our community together. We will not tolerate anybody that works hard against the unity of our community and people.

We believe in moving our community forward. And that means it has to be different than what it is now. Our current leadership approaches have not allowed us to reach our maximum potential. Thus I ask you as proud citizens of Bor Community to vote for me on September 1st. PLEASE VOTE FOR CHANGE FOR OUR COMMUNITY.

Change Team Candidates:

Chol-Awan Andrew Majok

Presidential candidate

M.A in Political Science and Public Law, State University of New York (Albany, NY)

B.A in Political Science and Psychology, Syracuse University (Syracuse, New York)

County: Bor

Payam: Kolnyang


Atem Arok Deng

Vice Presidential Candidate

B.S. in Social Work, University of Vermont (Burlington, VT)

Marital Status: Married

County: Twic East

Payam: Lith


Dut Bethou

General Secretary Candidate

B.S in Accounting, Suffolk University (Boston, MA)

Marital Status: Single

County: Duk

Payam: Duk Padiet




Chol-Awan Majok

Candidate for President of the Greater Bor Community, USA Inc.


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