South Sudan’s PCA –USA gives out thanks for record breaking fundraising event

Dear Supporters, particularly Pakeer Members, Bor South, Duk, Twic East and South Sudanese Members,

We are humbled and honored to write to you on behalf of Pakeer Community Association (PCA) – USA, to thank you for your generous support during our fundraising event. Because of your generous donations, we managed to raise $51,000 in pledges; of which $13,000 is cash. This is the first time in our history as Pakeer Community in USA, to hold a fundraising and raise such a huge amount. So we would like to sincerely and profoundly thank the New Sudan Vision (NSV) for publicizing fundraising event in the first place; and the following individuals and groups for playing great roles in the success of our fundraising event.

First, we would like to thank our dear President of Greater Bor Community, Abraham Deng Lueth Mayom for his hard work and commitment towards promoting peace and unity among our people. President Deng is a tireless gentleman who has dedicated his life to serving the people of Greater Bor Community and South Sudan in general. Also, we would like to thank our uncle Mabior Nhial Mabior for his generous donation towards our agricultural project and for his courageous and unwavering support for strong unity and peace among our people and communities. We would also like to thank uncle Juach-Dit Lueth Wal for representing Ajuong and Pakeer communities during our fundraising and for his great advice to Pakeer members. In addition, we sincerely and profoundly thank Bol (Nyan-Nhiem) Chol Bol, and our special guests and Pakeer In-laws for their firm and generous support.

Second, we would also like to thank Pakeer’s women and daughters for their outstanding work, unity and world class performance during our fundraising event. Our women and daughters made a history in the U.S. and we believe it will take some years before any women’s group here in the U.S. can break their record. They are the first women to compose new songs and sing them during a fundraising event in the U.S. Kudos to our smart, beautiful and brave women and daughters! Because of their unity and outstanding performance during “Awak De Pakeer”, PCA leadership is pleased to announce that we have awarded Pakeer women and daughters, a Certificate of Excellence in Community Service and strong solidarity.

Pakeer Women2

Pakeer Women Dancing Group with Atem-Ajith, a musician known for his fundraising skills!

Third, we would also like to thank Boston Dance Team for their outstanding performances during “Awak De Pakeer”. Even though we did not hold a formal dance and singing contest due to time constraint, we still believe beyond reasonable doubt that Boston Dance Team is the leading dance team in the U.S.A. The Boston Dance Team has surpassed Jok Panaan (Jok Dau Jok) and Thon-Kuat Dance Team. Jok Panann, the old time performer and entertainer is about to lose to the emerging strong Boston Dance Team! Because of their great performances during our fundraising event and for using their skills and talents to promote unity and peace among our people and communities, PCA leadership is also pleased to announce that we have awarded Boston Dance Team, a Certificate of Excellence and 15 custom designed t-shirts with Pakeer Logo and Mior Marial on them. These awards will be presented to the Boston Dance Team during the graduation celebration party of Dr. James Yai Atem on August 11, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts by Pakeer Community Association – USA Leadership!

Fourth, we would like to thank Nyanguek Achuil and her team, and Atem-Ajith Garang for supporting our cause and firing up our fundraising event attendees with their inspirational songs. We would also like to thank all the communities of Bor, Duk and Twic Counties, and South Sudanese Community in general for their unwavering support during our fundraising event.

Finally, we thank all our members, Planning Committee, Organization Committee and Pakeer Leadership in general, and our donors for making our goal of raising $40,000 a reality. And most importnatly, we wholeheartedly thank our recent graduates for their great academic achievenments. Among, Dr. James Yai Atem (MD), Dut Kuol Dut (MBA), Achirin Amou Arok (MS), Kuol Awan Garang (MA), Manyuon Anyieth (BS) and Majok Deng Majok (BS)

Thank you all and may God bless Pakeer Community, South Sudan and the United States of America.

With Best Regards,

 Pakeer Community Association - USA Leadership

More pictures of the event

Pakeer Women1

Pakeer Women Dancing Group inspiring the participants to come forward and donate


One of Pakeer's sons and daughters made the community proud for an incredible academic achievement



The legendary Atem-Ajith did his best inspiring the participants


Women played a key role in making the fundraising a sucess, they want this "Aduok" filled to the brim

with dollars in order to fulfil the goal of helping develop the community back home!

Ipads Photos 4242

It was time to give appreciation to this group of outstanding folks

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