Press Release: Bor County Association in Alberta's eyes set on the goal with a new team

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Bor County Association in Alberta elected a new team in a gathering in Calgary, Alberta, Canada last weekend and set a whole new level of commitment. “Our eyes are set on the goals,” said Association Chairman Mr. Reech Madit Reech. Mr. Reech was reelected for a two years term with a seven member team which included three women, some of whom are known for down to earth commitment for achieving results. A board of directors to guide the team was also elected.

In the short term, the new leadership team is set to write new by-laws, register the association as non-profit organization, support Bor United Women Association for Development (BUWAD) based in Kenya, promote purpose driven cooperation with sisterly associations of Twic East and Duk, and embark on a tour in Alberta to rally the members around an agenda for unity, peace and development in South Sudan. The newly elected Chairman will also attend Bor South Conference in the USA in May with the goal of promoting cooperation with those in the USA and Canada. The Association is also set to identify, define and prioritize its long term development goals, which will be disclosed in the near future.

“We are currently helping in supporting and organizing a fundraising event scheduled to take place on May 5 2012 in Calgary in support of the BUWAD,” said Mr. Reech. Details of the fundraising event will soon be posted on Bor United Women Association for Development’s facebook page.

The gathering was also addressed by Mulana Kuot Jook Alith who stressed the dire need for people in the Diaspora to get involved in the development of the new nation of South Sudan. Mulana Kuot, who returned to South Sudan about three years ago, works in Jonglei State’s Legal Affairs Ministry and has been in Canada on a family visit.


Some of the members posing for a group picture after the meeting!


Some of the members posing for a group picture after the meeting!

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