JALLE MASSACRE: Is the government failing its security obligation in South Sudan?

Louisville, Kentucky, USA - What is the primary responsibility of the Government of the South Sudan? Is Goss competent to provide indispensable thing called security to people or even protect its territories? So what are the works of the so called representatives if they are not able to petition the government to provide security to innocent civilians they represent? The most current massacre in Jalle, Juet my home village triggered these entire questions from my heart. It is the most shocking thing I could hardly sleep with in the last four nights. 45 people massacred in blink of an eye. Envision your two months old massacred, envision your one year old massacred, envision your three years old massacred in cold blooded. If you were happened to live in Juet’s two Boumas, You don’t have to envision it, but a matter of reality. In Jalle children were burned alive and exterminated by the armed marauders from murle tribe.

This kind of violence act could amount to ethnic cleansing under international law or be it a hate crime. Yet our government did not response to protect the people it governed. It is to be recalled the same armed Marauders from Murle massacred over six hundred people from Lou Nuer tribe in Jonglei State this year. Why the so called government of South Sudan does not disarmed the gang of criminals from murle by all means? Instead the government disarmed population of areas whose disarmament was not necessary. For example, disarmament was carried in Bor, Twi, Ayod, and Uror County, leaving them more defenseless and vulnerable. The population living in these areas does not present any tangible threat to any of their neighbors. So why disarmed the most law obedient citizens and leave the most law disobedient citizen armed? I leave these questions to the readers to decipher through.

So what are the primary functions of the Government of South Sudan (Goss)? The primary functions any governments are to secure rights of citizens. Governments are instituted among men and expect protection from them. Governments are established to protect and maintain individual rights. That the sole object and only legitimate end of government is to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property. They also guide the community and plan for its future by setting policies, making budgets, and interacting with other communities. Is GOSS doing all these? If the government is not capable of protecting its population, it does not deserve to be called a government.

Again, is Goss doing its obligations as the legitimate government of the people? No. lives of many citizens are under threats every day and people live in regular fears. This is not the New Sudan million of martyrs including Dr. De Mabior sacrificed their lives for, absolutely not. Properties of innocent population are looted everyday while the government officials and the representatives of the people continued to send their families to secured countries such as Kenya and Uganda, forgetting that these countries were indeed made secured by the politicians like them. If a representative cannot provide the services he/she was elected for then she/he need to resign because you cannot be a representative of the people whom you don’t protect. How would it help to condemned and buried the victims of such atrocities? No one would like to do this. Our representatives must stand and advocate unequivocally against these injustices inflicted on our communities. Otherwise please resign from this government and you would be hero in the eyes of your community. Like any other county in Southern Sudan, Bor Counties have sacrificed so much for South Sudan. Goss stop these atrocities now! Hey, stop it now!

The evening of December 4th will be remembered as the darkest day in the history of Juet and Bor County as a whole. On this date, children and elderly were burned alive and put to death from gunshot and spear wound. Nine women and ten children are in Captivity of marauder from murle tribe. Will the so called Government of the Republic South Sudan under leadership of Kiir Mayarditt act to rescue the women and children in captivity of notorious bunch of hooligans from Murle? Will our representatives be courageous enough to pressure the government for the return of the moms with their kids? Will our governor Kuol Manyang act? If so, please act now! Yet again, the primary functions of government are to keep order, settle conflicts and protect the community. They provide service that could not be supply independently. They guide the community and plan for its future by setting policies, making budgets, and interacting with other communities. None of these services are being met by the Goss.

 *Kwai Rekeboam Akech Kwai Works for Republic Bank Trust Company as an Internet Banking Administrative Assistant. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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