Greater Bor Community-USA announces annual conference for September

PRESS RELEASE- The Greater Bor Community-USA will hold a simultaneous Reunion fundraising at Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Boston, Massachusetts in September, on the Labor Day weekend. The President of Greater Bor Community, Mr. Abraham Deng Lueth, underscored the importance of these two events. He said that the “most critical part of all the meetings in both Boston and Grand Rapids is fundraising to support hunger and poverty eradication programs at home and holding reunion in Bortown in December, 2011”. The two reunion conferences in Michigan and Massachusetts will end with a traditional dance after which folks will disperse, he added. These two events are meant to achieve the following unity of people, and deciding the future as a community. He said “we will raise funds for the development of Greater Bor areas”. The aims/Goals of the Reunion Project are as follows:

ü  The main goal is to bring together Bor community members to reunite, rejoice, and most importantly discuss issues affecting Bor community and define the way forward.

ü  The reunion conference aims at promoting peace building at the State level among ethnic communities of Jieng, Nuer, Murle, and Anyuak.

ü  To celebrate the independence of the new Republic of South Sudan in Bortown, where the movement of SPLA/SPLM was initiated. 

ü  To boost and promote Bor community Coherence and traditional values.

ü  To promote educational programs that and provisions that ensure equal opportunity for girls and boys.

ü  To promote socio-economic development in the three Counties of Duk, Twic East, Bor South and neighboring communities.

ü  To encourage the participation of Bor community women and girls in social, political, economic matters. 

ü  Raise funds for development and establish a viable network among the Greater Bor community members in Diasporas and in South Sudan.

GBC executive and the reunion committee will also explore several funding opportunities for program to ensure its financial viability to meet timetable. The President of the Greater Bor Community-USA, Mr. Lueth, is encouraging the all our community members to feel free to go to any of the locations. Greater Bor community leadership and reunion team will be in both Boston and Grand Rapid to coordinate the reunion activities. Mr. Lueth and his leadership team is encouraging members to read the website for more information: and click on the event. You will see that we ask you to come prepared to support your community ($50.00. or more) Safe trips and God bless.

The leader of the Greater Bor Community-USA, Mr. Lueth stressed the significant of this reunion to its members and south Sudan communities. Mr. Lueth said “that this reunion can be replicated by other Southern communities and states”. Holding a reunion in Jonglei state will solidify unity of the people of Jonglei Southern Sudan he also added. Mr. Lueth suggested that it critical to donate money to help us hold this reunion in December. He encouraged all the members of Greater Bor community and friends to give us their time and efforts to make this reunion a success. He stressed the important of creating positive awareness about this reunion program. Reunion will be beneficial our community if we give ideas/advice and cheer us up for a good course. The Grand fundraising-contribution campaign is meant to meet and expedite the reunion project aspirations.

This, however, will allow reunion committee to communicate or travel to various states to identify esteemed individuals and the nominated that are deemed qualified to create reunion awareness and in those regions, states or particular locality to communicate reunion project so that members pay their portion of contributions. In some states, the proposed amount of contribution may be dynamics in terms of how each state internal system is organized. The reunion conference teams will work to fit the needs and obstacles the Greater Bor community authorities are facing on the ground with respect to reunion projects. The fundraising contribution campaign platform will be channeled in each state or region in a manner that adjusts to fluctuation of political culture and financial feasibility of each member. This means that the situations of our members will dictate services each individual render to reunion projects. The reunion committee will strive to be flexible in terms of coordination, and implementations of the tools, methods that would generate funds in the United States. We would expect others, for instance, in Australia and Canada to adopt and use the same leadership skills so that members contribute, raise funds, and attend the reunion.

With consent and permission from the GBC executive leadership, reunion committees are granted an autonomous power to go to each state or region to design hats, T shirts solely for the purpose of raising money. Words and slogans that may be used on these hats or T shirts required approval from the reunion teams. This policy or provision is established to avoid usage of words and slogan that may be deemed offensive to others.

 For more information, contact Gabrial Pager Ajang. He can be reached @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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