Loi Deng Nai: A tribute to a generation leader

Category: Commentary
Published on Wednesday, 22 June 2011 22:29
Written by Francis Chagai Bol, The New Sudan Vision (NSV), www.newsudanvision.com
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(Edmonton, AB, Canada) - Before the late Mr. Loi Deng Nai's saddest death took placed on Wednesday, June 8, 2011, he had quoted a statement on his facebook page from the author of the leadership principles James C. Hunter that “Life is not so much what happens to us as it is how we respond to what happens to us.”

That was exactly what came to my mind after receiving a telephone call with the news of the late tragic death from the United States of America. I couldn’t believe a world on that day, a world of sorrow and painful grief of death every now and then.  The death of the late Mr. Loi Deng Nai is a very big loss, not only to the sub-Clan of Gol and Kolnyang Payam alone. It is indeed a great loss to our entire community as Bor; as well as the Greater Upper Nile region and the South Sudan nation. His genius dreams of invention and great responsibilities will be missed.

I am saying these words with confidence in him that he was a nationalistic figure, both in characters and his sophisticated skills, like in web based technology as he was the founder of the famous websites; such as Uncleloi.net and Borglobe.com.  His websites have allowed us to connect with our relatives and friends around the world. Borglobe.com has been one of the best social networks which have helped to reinforce the unity in our communities. Furthermore, his websites played significant roles during the peace process, known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in South Sudan.

I came to know him and got convinced about his leadership qualities when I discussed some issues with him. Although the late Mr. Loi Deng Nai had put his personal political party interest on his face book page to the guests, I always call him an activist citizen and a moderate Republican’s viewer of the world situation. Today his death has left a vacuum in our society and particularly, his family and his generation back home, as well as in the Diaspora. 

The news of the late Mr. Loi Deng’s death came less than a month after shocking and heartbreaking news of late brother Mr. Deng Akuot-Malual’s death in Australia in May.  I would like to convey my personal heartfelt condolence on behalf of Bor members in Canada to the family of the late Mr. Deng Akuotmalual, late brother and friend Mr. Loi Deng Nai's family. There is nothing we can do, but to stay strong, and leave it to the Almighty God who always knows better than us. However, the death has happened to us, so our job is what we can do to what happens to all at the moment, according to the way late Mr. Loi Deng had quoted James C. Hunter above.  I couldn’t believe that Uncleloi Deng’s phenomenon leadership have shortly ended in such a way. There is no best way in death, but the time line of late gentleman Mr. Loi Deng has caused us too much alarm in this hour. May almighty God and the best spirit of love bless you! Amen!

Francis Chagai Bol,  Vice Chairman of Bor Community and Director of Dinka Southern Sudanese Canadian Cultural Society , Western Canada.