On Dr. Lam Akol’s Chatham House meeting

(London UK ) - I attended this meeting at Chatham House this morning (May 25). There were some 2 . 5 dozen attendants,and i joined the back row of Human Rights Activists and Journalists.

Shamelessly perched in his seat was Dr.Lam Akol, who spewed vile and political demagoguery on the leadership of the Emerging nation of South Sudan.

One can be forgiven to believe that he alone, can lead an independent South Sudan.He held Mainstream SPLM in complete contempt, and painted a picture of anarchy, crash and gross incompetence, inward looking leadership  lacking in sense of purpose and direction.He informs his audience that institutions are being politicised .


He predicts a grim and difficult future for South Sudan, accusing the leadership of tampering with constitutional provisions and grabbing land belonging to Communities. He emphatically informs all, that Decisions about South Sudan are made in Khartoum and not Juba and wonders why Salva Kiir did not simply relocate in Khartoum. 

Dr.Lam Akol is indeed a serial political opportunist who has changed sides in the Sudanese liberation body politics more times than one can care to count, yet he had the temerity to question the integrity of the leadership of mainstream SPLM.The Doctor must be thirsty for new avenues of reinventing himself as his political fortunes dwindle, and as his Masters in the North tire of a man with little gravitas.


Among others he informs his captured audience that Abiyei is an area belonging to the North, and gave a confused account of why there was delay in a Referendum there. He insists the North has sway in Abiyei and that the South may not be able to lay hands on their claim. He singularly failed to mention the Demography of Abiyei and the incidence of the DINKA majority. One was left with the impression Abiyei belongs with Khartoum and the South lacks any legitimate claim herein. 

30 minutes of Questions proved too short for at least three of us that fired the opening questions. 

Gilliam Lusk(writer on Sudan)and associate Editor of Africa Confidential, commented and raised question about the Doctor's vision of the Future, given his predictable and known record of sabotaging and attempting to derail the onward match of a unified and independent south Sudan.Dr.Lam smilingly but grudgingly disagreed ,contending instead that he was a beam of enlightenment and an instrument of rectification of all that was wrong with Sudan. 

Another intervened(a Black Gentleman)accused the Doctor of a history of perennial sides- switching, and questioned his integrity and sincerity, to which the Doctor took exception and went on a long narrative of self-adulation.


Jobe commented on the intransigence and clear record of the Northern Government's persistent attempts to undermine the self determination of the South, and raised the question about the attendant dangers of a further rift between the Dr's faction and mainstream SPLM. Dr.Lam Akol responded by suggesting that internal difficulties being brought about by SPLM poses a greater danger to the south than any ill intentions of the North. In any case, he insists the position of the North on the liberation of the South provides no justifiable grounds for non-contending political forces in the south, however acrimonious this may look. 

In conclusion I am of the opinion,Dr.Lam Akol poses a serious political danger to the South Sudan. He has had a long History (since 1991) of political obscurantism. He has shown a willingness to collaborate with any one in the politics and liberation struggles of the South Sudan to meet his insatiable thirst for personal power and influence.The man is pretty much on the loose and wounded, and busy looking for new allies to grind to a halt the onward move of South Sudan in which he clearly plays no discernible part. His Northern Masters have little use for him except to put the spanners in the works,which he is probably doing for money and cheap recognition. He is now looking out in the international arena for fresh allies for same personal purposes and he must be exposed for what he really represents.It is time to STOP this man in his tracks and to STOP indulging him.


Aib Jobe

Secretary General

Gambia Coalition



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