Dachuek community youth respond to fabrications and falsehood posted on various websites by the initiators of Wangulei payam land crisis

Jonglei, Southern Sudan - We, the youth members of Dachuek community, believe it is worth introducing to all South Sudanese where Wanglei Payam is in South Sudan before we could begin writing. We also strongly believe in bringing you the public all the facts without  insulting your intelligence as some members of the Ayual community youth  did when they recently  presented you with fabrications in the aftermath of the sad tragedy over ownership of Wangulei. Wanglei payam is one of the five payams in Twic East County namely: Pakeer, Paliau, Kongor and Lith—all make up Twic East County,which is  one of the twelve counties of the state of Jonglei.

History of Wanglei Town (Nyuak) payam headquarters

Historically, Wangulei town was made a court centre in 1970 when the then Kongor court centre [headquartered in Pawel] and now Twic East County [headquartered in Panyagoor] was restructured by the then ruling paramount chief, Mr. Duot Bior. Embracing the political re-organization, the three communities of Ayuaal, Dachuek and Awulian converged in Yith (well) de Manyok (named after him) court centre. There was no court centre called Wangulei town at that time-Wanglei town was just a shady home of a man called Anyaar Akuoch Ngong de Mier from Pakoy section of Dachuek.

Both chiefs judged cases together not until they had some inter-personal clashes among themselves. As a result, Chief Dhieu de Thon of Dachuek, Chief Manyok de Duot of Ayual and Dau de Machuur of Awulian were all called back to Kongor court centre by the then paramount chief of Twic (Duot de Bior) but Awulian community thereafter refused to return to Kongor court centre instead chose to go to Paliau court centre.

In 1971, a small number of students and/or working classes of the three communities proposed the return of their communities’ court centre and that was largely supported. Then, in 1972 the three communities agreed and established a new court centre upon their return in Wanglei town not Yith de Manyok again-the three chiefs chose the then home of Dachuek’s Anyaar Akuoch(now Wanglei town) to be their new court centre over previous court centre (Yith de Manyok) because there were enough trees to provide good shelter in Anyaar Akuoch’s shady home than in Yith de Manyok.

 Finally, the three communities established Wanglei payam and adopted their local name “Nyuak” reflecting the colour of a he-goat in Dinka that was slaughtered to cement their mutual coexistence and co-operation that has existed for generations in a traditional ceremony popularly known as “Maduany-Duany”. 

 Dr. Lual Deng: Sudan’s Federal Oil Minister

After a very long time of silence on the issue, Dachuek youth would want to denounce in strongest terms the repeated baseless accusations labeled against the Federal Oil Minister, Dr Lual Deng by Ayual youth who must have been blindfolded and driven by selfishness,  jealousy, and misguided retaliatory motives. Dr Lual Deng is not only a revered local figure but also a long time national and international high profile figure that we cannot bother to defend much for even his innocence is undeniably felt by those who have accused him.

 Who is Dr. Lual Deng?

 Dr. Deng was born in Matjak Boma of Wanglei Payam, Twic East County in Jonglei state. He is/has been heavily involved in the political and economic development of South Sudan.

He has also been a consultant amongst others to the World Bank, the United Nations, and the United States Agency for International Development and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development in the Horn of Africa and held various positions with the African Development Bank.

 Dr. Deng has a PhD in Development Economics from the University of Wisconsin, a MSc in Economics from Iowa State University, a Masters in Biostatistics from the University of Alexandria and a BSc in Economic Statistics from the University of Khartoum.

 He served as the SPLM Economic Consultant and effectively participated in the CPA negotiations. Subsequently soon after the formation of the GONU in the wake of the signing of North-South Sudan’s Peace Accord (Comprehensive Peace Agreement) in 2005, he became a Federal Finance State Minister and now a Federal Oil Minister.

 Dr. Deng’s political, social, and economic achievements during the liberation struggle 

Dr. Deng gave up his luxurious position in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the 1990s and committed himself to serving the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) even when salaries did not exist.

Dr. Deng believed that there was a profound need for strengthening SPLM/A’s human resource to enable the Movement enriches its political and military ranks which would serve primarily as a springboard to defeat the enemy and shape army commanders as the future leaders of the nation.

In 1997, Dr. Deng crafted an idea of providing distant learning to SPLA commanders and swiftly contracted Universities of London in England, Iowa State University in the United Sates and Fort Hare University in South Africa among others, which was given a big nod by our late SPLM leader, Dr John Garang. As a result, some top SPLA commanders who were interested in furthering their knowledge within the SPLA military were selected, went and now hold credible papers and positions in both governments of South Sudan and of Sudan.

In addition, Dr. Deng established the popular Institute of Development known as IDEAS, in 1999 in Yambio (WES) and opened Technical Committee of Intellectuals (TCI) to help in the strategic planning of the SPLM/A and also sponsored many boys and girls for university studies just to mention but a few.

Dr. Deng Contributions in Jonglei State

In 2009, Deng tried to put to put into action the theme of his 1998 book Rethinking Africa Development. At the height of the tribal conflicts in the state, he proposed a peace city to be built in Gadiang, which would disrupt cattle rustlers’ network and also serve as an easy meeting point for all tribes of the state because of its central location compared to Bor the state capital. As expected, Jonglei politicians endorsed the plan; army deployed and building of that city is now underway. He also initiated the construction of Dhiam-Dhiam port along River Nile, the first of its kind among others.

 Dr. Deng’s contributions in Twic East County 

 Soon after the signing of CPA, Dr.Deng adopted Dr. Garang’s doctrine of “taking towns to the people” by buying TV sets and generators and distributed them to 12 centers in Greater Bor counties to enhance communication.

Dr. Deng also brought Sudani Network to Twic East County based in Wanglei town, helping old mums and dads of the petitioners deep inside Aliet, (Ayuaal village) call their sons and daughters comfortably in their tukuls not traveling miles to Bor in search of network. Keeping up with his vision, Dr. Deng bought tractors and distributed two per payam to all the payams of Twic county though Ayual community stubbornly refused them which they latter regretted after seeing the impact of using tractors for farming rather than manual/traditional method.

Dr. Lual, a diligent minister and member of the SPLM nominated on intrinsic worth, is under the constant SPLM and the GOSS supervision so as to other ministers and officials. But what we do know as a well-informed community is that Dr. Lual was nominated for the State Ministry of Finance and again as Federal Minister for Petroleum by the President of the Government of South Sudan, His Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit and seconded by the SPLM, and therefore, it is the duty of the president with the SPLM to relieve Dr Lual of his duties when he seems incompetent and not by such a conspicuous lies heaped upon him by mere citizens of Ayuaal community. It is so frivolous to leave the issue of contention and try to victimize Dr Lual just because he is our son.

During the independence referendum, Dachuek community overwhelmingly voted for separation. We stood at 99.99% except for some invalid ballots but across South Sudan, thousands voted for “unity”. Therefore, the question is: where these unionists including Ayuaal members under Dr Lual’s influence or their own desire to keep Sudan united?

Dachuek community, during and after the struggle for the liberation of South Sudan has always been on the right side of history. We are very grateful to our elders for being resilient and persevering, withstanding all the political temptations that had engulfed the SPLM since the start of the civil war in 1983. Our people stood strong with the movement and suffered with the rest of South Sudanese including Ayuaal community when masses were rushing to Khartoum and Nassir.

How Wanglei conflict developed and erupted 

We would like to satisfy you with how all the fights in Wangulei payam mostly between the named communities of Dachuek and Ayual began. It is unfortunate that Ayual youth had quickly rushed to websites and news papers with fabricated information with intention of gaining points or just to cover up their dirty parts.

But we believe that, in human brain, there is already a natural gap for both the truth and lies, their false accusations were not beyond the wit of a man that they can be considered cocky.

Bol Manyok (Ayuaal’s head chief) as a ring leader

In 2007, Bol Manyok among others began misinterpreting the SPLA strategy of 1987 in which Awulian was transferred to Lual-Ajokbil and Dachuek to Pathuei leaving Ayual behind in Wanglei as a logistical tactic of and by the movement to get more would-be soldiers and allow effective coordination of logistical support like supply of grains from each community.Since then Bol Manyok claimed in repeated occasions that “Wanglei town belongs to Ayuaal”,  which was refuted or dodged by other two head chiefs (Dau Reech of Dachuek & Manyok Deng of Awulian) of the payam who said  that the town center belongs to the government. But Bol insisted that even Bor town (State capital) belonged to Ngeth Angok before government took over; and that it must be clear first who owns Wanglei town before the government takes it.

Driven by his evil intentions, Bol Manyok wrote a petition in late 2007 to the then commissioner, Diing Akol that “I got a court case with Dachuek about Wanglei ownership”, but the commissioner gave that request a cool reception due to the sensitivity of the case.

However, in 2008 before the case was adjourned, Ayuaal intellectuals and chiefs later withdrew the case but Bol Manyok kept alive his evil motive and insisted during the 2009 elections that Deng Ayiel (Chief from Ayuaal) be registered under the boma of Wangulei, which had already been declared by the authorities a government boma.

Chief Duot Ajang’s landmark ruling in the first County court decision on Wanglei town and Toc (wet land)

Nervous about the deteriorating situation in January 2010, the county authority constituted a traditional court chaired by Chief Duot Ajang and other members from county payams. Both Ayuaal and Dachuek communities were asked to bring witnesses which they did and all witnesses including Ayuaal’s testified and swore with Bible in favor of Dachuek that “the disputed Wanglei town and toc historically belongs to Dachuek”, evidences are found in video clips and voice tapes that were recorded.

Finally, the Judges upheld toc in favor of Dachuek; however, in the interest of brotherhood, peace and harmony in the Payam, the Judges held Wanglei town for three communities (Ayuaal, Dachuek & Awulian) currently in it. Surprisingly, Ayuaal community rejected the ruling but Dachuek community accepted and complied with the verdict.

In the same court before the results were announced, one of Ayuaal elders and a brother to the current commissioner, Mr Yak-marol Akoi Jurkuch was quoted as saying “No good, even if Wanglei town is awarded to Dachuek or to us” signaling Ayuaal’s intention for a fight rather than a peaceful appeal.

A week later, Dachuek were in a marriage ceremony dancing in Panyiereeng (their village) when Ayuaal unexpectedly attacked the ceremony and sadly lost three men with others injured leading to arbitrary arrest and detention of three men from Dachuek hitherto without trial. As a result, Ayual filed an appeal against the “Judge’s decision and compensation for their dead” and submitted it to the Jonglei State High Court. Therefore, civil and criminal cases were pending in the State High Court.

Who is Dau Akoi? 

Dau Akoi, also an Australian citizen was born and raised in Aliet village of Ayuaal Community. He was a body guard to the then SPLM/A Deputy Chairman (Nyuon Baany), and also known to have collided William Nyuon and Arok Thon Arok before he fled to seek refuge in Diaspora. Mr. Dau is a SPLA Colonel and a Bachelor Degree holder in Community Welfare from the University of Western Sydney in Australia. In 2010, he was appointed and seconded by Dachuek community the Twic East County Commissioner in hope to bring back peace and harmony to Wanglei payam because of his kinship to Ayuaal community.

All the indicators showing how commissioner deliberately took sided and interfered with the second court ruling process on Wangulei land dispute 

Mr. Commissioner, soon after his appointment in early 2010 after the first inter-communal fight swiftly withdrew the civil and criminal cases already filed by Ayual community against Dachuek in the state appeal court and formed an arbitration court at county level again so that he has a full control and influence over it. Dachuek elders wrote an objection letter to the State Governor, Kuol Manyang raising concerns about Dau Akoi’s intention, legitimacy of the court, and sensitivity of the matter but fell on deaf ears.

Mr. Commissioner forced the rejected arbitration court and appointed relatives from the surrounding Duk and Bor Counties headed by Mabil Majok (their brother-in-law) among others but Dachuek rejected the appointment citing relationship between Ayuaal community and the so-called arbitrators.

Mr. Commissioner responded by jailing all Dachuek Chiefs for nine straight days in a military container cell without questioning and he again replaced Mabil Majok with another in-law, Chief Chuei leek from Duk County and harshly forced the court to begin its work. Witnesses were summoned in and all Dachuek’s seven witnesses including a very old man (Chol-Maker from Awulian community) who testified on his hospital bed that “Wanglei, even the then Panyangthi de Dachuek inside Aliet boma belong to Dachuek”. The 90-year-old said that after cautioning that his seven daughters are all married to Ayuaal and non to Dachuek; two witnesses from Ayual ran and 2 testified that it belongs to Ayuaal, without logical evidences.

Briefing the Commissioner on 19/02/2011 pending the final verdict announcement, the arbitration court before night fall declared to Commissioner their ruling giving Wanglei and its vicinity to Dachuek community.

Mr. Commissioner blocked until further notice the verdict announcement after the court has already called for land registration fees (SDG 5000) from Dachuek which was later reimbursed by the court jurists in the office of executive Director Mr. Deng Akuei after the shocking alteration of the ruling.

Also, according to an eye witness account in Adohr church of Aliet boma, Mr Dau assured Ayuaal community meeting that “in my watch, if you don’t get Wanglei town, then you will never ever again get it in your life time and that of the generations to come’’. It was clapped loudly at length with ululations accompanied by cultural songs.

Following that, in present of Hons. Dr. Amour Kuol & Deu Aguin, Mr Commissioner frankly asked Dachuek chiefs in his County office that “if you don’t accept land dispute court first then where will your cattle get water” indicating that Ayual wouldn’t allow Dachuek cattle passage to toc before Wanglei’s land dispute is settled.  

Furthermore, in another absurd and corrupt act, Commissioner was recently found to have diverted SDG 72,000 contributed by the entire Twic East County for roads to manipulate Wanglei town’s case in favour of Ayuaal community and investigations are now underway. Nonetheless, Ayuaal community in disapora and in South Sudan funded the same case, we are one people and information keeps flowing on daily basis between us.

Therefore, with all the above hard facts, we believe that Mr Commissioner, Dau Akoi functioned as Ayuaal’s proxy instead of being a neutral body that was entrusted with powers to lead the whole county without favouritism or taking his community side against others.

How Commissioner, Dau Akoi engineered the second deadly fighting coded as a “revenge attack” 

According to eye witnesses’ accounts, Dau Akoi distributed to Ayual eight boxes of ammunitions [bullets] for AK 47 on 23/2/2011 at 1:57 midnight followed by two gunshots in Aliet and Piombech villages. The brand new Toyota pickup [No plate: SSJS 530A] under the command of SPLA officer Pajock Ader Pajock (who is from Ayual) arrived at 12:40 midnight carrying ammunitions covered with gravels, it first stopped at Jurkuc Barach’s shop inside the heart of Wanglei town before proceeding to Adohr (Ayuaal’s village). In executing his double plans: switching ownership of Wanglei town from Dachuek to Ayuaal and a revenge of the dead,

Mr Commissioner deployed police and army units during the court verdict announcement and withdrew them after two days as a cover to deflect possible criticisms related to negligence and allow for a revenge attack on Dachuek which occurred as he expected on March 3, 2011.  

In the morning of March 3rd 2011, Wanglei payam church youth and leaders from both communities among others, started to renovate the church into a modern structure to be roofed with Iron sheets and walled with bricks. Without warning, Ayual youth assaulted the builders, selecting out and shooting Dachuek church members and the fight started leaving 24 dead and many more injured.

Maj. Gen. Marol Mangok [Dir. of Intelligence in Juba] as a catalyst in the conflict 

According to well-informed sources and eye witness’s accounts, Marol [who killed his closest cousin in the 1997 in Labone displaced camp] has been supplying Ayuaal Community with arms and ammunitions among others. Although Ayuaal youth fleetingly rushed to websites and reversed that Dr Lual supplied Dachuek with ammunitions; 80% of heavy guns (RPG, PKMS and F9 grenades) used against Dachuek by Ayuaal were supplied by Marol Mangok.

Mr. Marol, who works for South Sudan Police Services, betrayed the GOSS by shifting heavy weapons and ammunitions always used against our common enemy to sponsoring local inter-communal fights. 



  1.   Mr. Commissioner Dau Akoi, in the interest of peace and law between the two brotherly communities, must be relieved of his duties until proven innocent or guilty by a fair and free jurisdiction.

  2. His Excellency, Governor Kuol Manyang should investigate the actions of the state Ministry of Legal Affairs when it rejected Dachuek demands for no arbitration at county level knowing all the bad consequences.

  3.  Major General Marol Mangok must be investigated and held accountable for his involvement in the tragedy that has hit our respected and beloved Payam.

  4. The Wanglei land dispute must be resolved through State Appeal court or South Sudan Supreme Court.

  5.  As a decent community, we think that protection of our people and property is the fundamental role of the State and County governments; however, if that is not fully guaranteed, we will always stand up to defend our people and property, just as we have all been doing throughout our existence.

  6.  Logically, Dachuek community thinks that a brother’s conflict can never be solved by force but by dialogue; therefore, we are open to any legal methods and remedies  adopted by the state government since the county government is headed by Ayuaal community’s son and proxy, Dau Akoi.

  7. We urge members of Ayuaal community to stop implicating Dr Lual Deng in Wanglei land dispute and any threat made against him is a threat to Dachuek everywhere because Wanglei town is Dachuek’s land, and an innocent person like Dr Lual cannot be made the sole target or a scapegoat by those who are bent on grabbing our ancestral land.

 Thanks for your co-operation and understanding!

Dachuek community youth represented by:

      1. Thon Lual Yuang

2. Deng Lual Nuul

3.     Magai Ajak Lueth

4.     Moses Yol

5.     Thon Dhieu Thon

6.     Lual mayen Dhieu

7.     Thon Chol Malual

8.     Lual Mayen Dau.

9.     Dhieu Mayen Dhieu.






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