On South Sudan’s new commissioner for Awerial County

(Vermont USA) - This message is addressed directly to those politicians who are petitioning against the newly elected commissioner of Awerial County. Awerial County is crying for development and development means proper leadership to establish primary and secondary schools, permanent health clinics for the citizens of the county, clean drinking water, and peace between the Aliab Dinka and Mundari and the list goes on. Leadership gap is a major phenomenon cross the mother Southern Sudan counties. Having been in Southern Sudan on May 23, 2009 to March 11, 2010, Awerial County citizens are suffering more than any other county in South Sudan because of selfish individuals who have assumed power since the beginning of 2005.

Unfortunately for this county, since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed, its own educated and uneducated class chose corruption over development. I was completely shocked to see our women suffering from birth without a clear life saving clinic because of these politician. Our children are behind than ever because there is no vision in place to build schools across the payams in the county. We are really very tired of you people for destroying the county to serve personal interests.

Few weeks ago we the members of Awerial Diasporas heard that David Mayom Riak; a young and honest qualified citizen was appointed by gubernatorial decree to liberate Aliab Country from the shadow of former corrupt commissioners,  instead these corrupt individuals, instructed their own family members to protest again the new elect commissioner. If development and good governance are done by individuals who are honest, trustworthy and have integrity, then David Mayom is more than qualified to serve the “Aliab Nation” to the best interest of its people. What is wrong with you former commissioners and uneducated politicians? Do you want people of Awerial County to remain in poverty? You are just looking for that position of commissionership to marry to steal public funds and marry wives. None of has the vision that could elevate the suffering that is affecting the entire population in the county.

We have learned that the former commissioner Aguto Kok has instructed his body guards and his close relatives to ambush the new commissioner in an attempt to scare him.

Let this serve as a warning to former commissioner, you have done these so many times to frighten elected leaders but your jejune behavior will affect you in the long run. Stop threatening people. We in the Diasporas need a leader with a vision to lead the county into prosperity and David Mayom is appointed by the new governor to do that.  He fought the war in Equatoria successfully in 1992 and has also managed to finish (A) level secondary education certificate in Uganda in 2002. He is known in the county to have helped significantly in the eradication of guinea worm through the Carter Center with Head Quarter in Dor before he was appointed to his current position. Those who are disparaging his good names meant nothing but ill intentions. He is a diehard SPLA soldier and ardent SPLM member.

Gakeer de Aneet is graduate Student in the University of Vermont USA: He is currently resided in Burlington Vermont USA. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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