South Sudan unity and cohesion will prevail over tribalism

I am making my remarks in response to the Presidential Advisor Mr. Osman Ismail who in his analysis of the future of South Sudan, outlined a possible failure of the political system and governance in the South if the South ultimately secedes.

Leaders in both South and the North have witnessed the escalation of the conflicts in Sudan for a long period of time. Finding a solution to avoid such incidences would be something crucial for the governments of Sudan both in the South and the North.

Effective Leadership often requires optimism as a basis for action to reach solutions for critical predicaments. If it is possible for the South to fight itself, it would also be the same thing for the North. The point is that tribal conflicts do not only take place in Southern Sudan alone. African countries have been occupied by numerous tribes and still exist as nations. Uganda has many tribes and they are all Ugandans.

Kenya has many tribes as well and they are all Kenyans. Southern Sudanese have fought each other for various reasons. They will learn to embrace peace instead of strife as the future brings meaningful changes to the environment and the political status and image of Southern Sudan. Southerners simply behave the way other human beings behave. Conflicts spread anywhere and people cannot change their pursuit of the right course because of fear or threats. Therefore, it is important for the government officials to promote a sense of optimism whether Sudan remains the same or divided at the end of the interim period. The United States is working towards either a united peaceful Sudan or two separate sovereign neighbors whose governments and people feel the need to embrace good bilateral ties with each other as well as with the other neighboring african countries.

His excellency Osman Ismail is encouraging unity with words of warning and intimidation. The war has been fought for many years in Southern Sudan. A united Sudan has not brought and maintained peace. Therefore, the people of South Sudan are aware of what it means to stay united with the North and what it will mean when The South becomes and independent country. It is important to make unity attractive so that Sudan can have a united country that is prosperous and peaceful, however, elements of trust have to be cultivated between the rulers of two regions of Sudan. The problems in the implementation of the agreement signed five years ago have shown so much distrust rather than the opposite.

There are two major differences. The Northern government believes in certain values which are both cultural and religious, while the Southern government believes in the values that are purely democratic as well as cultural. Without resolving these two major differences simply making the unity attractive can be a hard work to achieve. The international community has blessed the CPA and it is my prayer that our country does not turn around and finds itself in another war. Let us all pray and work for a peaceful Sudan in either setting as a result of the referendum. Let us be optimistic Mr. Advisor so that our region in Africa will experience needed and prayed-for peace and prosperity.

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