South Africa President Jacob Zuma has no comparison to those of Bona Malual and Dr. Lam Akol

(Edmonton, AB, Canada) -Recently I have come across an article at The titled “The Zumas of Africa:  Perspectivizing the Implicit and the Obvious”. The article was written by one of the most respected columnists and one of the founders of the website mentioned above.  This gentleman is Mr. Kuir Garang.

To begin my point, first of all, I do enjoy reading lots of  Mr. Garang’s writing as almost his general view of today world including his philosophical background that I know of him. Given all those facts  about Mr. Kuir Garang, to day I declare war on this topic alone or call it a jumping into the hot- discussion about the comparison of the current South Africa President Mr. Jacob Zuma to those of Bona Malual, Riak Ghai, Aldo Ajou Deng,   Dr. David Dechand, and Dr. Lam Akol.

 Frankly speaking I was not aware about some of those being known as politicians in Sudan. I thought some of them are just ordinary citizens like my self or call them survivors if I may before comparing any of them to anyone else.  This comparison has outraged me ten times. How we draw lines of comparison between people is  questionable,  otherwise,  if indeed judgments do go  accordingly, then there is no way we can make comparison between fake Zumas, to the real  hero president Zuma of South Africa.  Except educational background alone that is where you can not argue about it, because President Zuma is a pure self- learner with huge credits of experience and heroism during their struggle in South Africa. 

Coming to these gentlemen, they are all educators,  there is no  doubts  or   question about that but their educational backgrounds do not match the characters they have which is nothing of them to compare with somebody.  I call the likes of our own Zumas nothing, because they are so incompetent, selfish politicians with vision of self –sufficiency to their mouths as well as traitors benefiting from our own blood.  

What else can one say about them other than survivors of a no vision in our country? How would I believe the so-called Dr. Bona Malual Madut as a politician when he claimed the late Dr. John Garang‘s death had brought blessing to him after his appointment as special advisor to President Omar El Bashir? That line alone  tells me that Dr. Malual, is not a human being you can compare with anyone else apart from his own self that dance for the death of his own brother who died while fighting for his people’s rights .

Mr. Garang, at no point there is total difference among them and the best way of judging are their long lists of Mr. Malual and Dr. Lam Akol among others of  such horrific and unspeakable records while Mr.  Zuma and his records and characters are the ones made him of who he is now to his people and that is what I mean by something about president Zuma. I call him such because his records show a big contrast as liberator and a long time server or serving of Africa National Congress (ANC) since 1959 to the present day.  Zuma fought against the colonial rule in his country.

 This man was “arrested and sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment at Robben Island, along with the famous former president Nelson Mandela among other important figures of the ANC party supporters”.  Our own Zumas don’t have anything available to anyone to say of their records.  I don’t believe Mr. Garang can easily base his argument and comparison of President Jacob Zuma to those confused individuals with fake degrees earned for trouble making among Southerners.   Mr. Zuma did lots of contrast achievements, when “he served on the ANC's political and military council when it was formed in the mid-1980s, and was elected to the politburo of another party on April 1989.”   Here I’m not  trying to write  president Zuma ‘s life back ground but just to share  his achievements, and vision for his country with you and I think you knew all these records do not  exist  for either of our  Southern Sudanese group of  Malual and  Dr. Lam.  That   is the case of my argument against the likes of our Zumas  according to you Mr. Kuir Garang. 

Finally, Mr. Kuir Garang,  I am not in position to ask you to apologize or assigning a big condemnation against your article, but I want to assure you that our Zumas of Southern Sudan have not and will not ever be compared to those heroes who fought their colonialists to bring equality,  justice and freedom to their country of   South Africa.  Where would the comparison match here other than saying a no comparison to those of Dr. Bona Malual and Dr. Lam Akol to hero of South Africa President Jacob Zuma?

Francis Chagai Bol is a Southern Sudanese and a former SPLA member of Red Army Battalion. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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