GBC Press Release: Leadership calls on supporters to mark calendars for an eventful year 2012

The Greater Bor Community of the United States

Press Release, March 30, 2012

We, in the leadership of Greater Bor Community-USA, would like to take this opportunity to greet you. We hope that everyone has been well and that the New Year is pushing on well. It has been a while since we went on recess and took a trip to South Sudan. We have come back and have been planning and trying to make sense of all the things we encountered in South Sudan on our trip. We also have been catching up with things here after having been gone for a month and a half.

So we have decided that it will be a good idea for us to come to your states/regions to share our experiences with you. In so doing, we have come up with a series of events that will take place to reach you. There are eight events that will take place between March 24 and June 9 within the U.S. this year. Please, check out the following schedules and plan to attend an event near you.  

  1. 1.Boston, MA: March 24, 2012
  2. 2.Phoenix, AZ: April 7, 2012
  3. 3.Salt Lake City, UT: April 14, 2012
  4. 4.Texas Area: April 21, 2012
  5. 5.Atlanta, GA: May 5, 2012
  6. 6.D.C, VA, MD, PA Area Event: May 12, 2012
  7. 7.Midwestern event (MO, NE, IA, SD, ND, and MN): June 2, 2012
  8. 8.Grand Rapids, MI: June 9, 2012 

The Boston, MA Event, March 24

A Big Thank you to the People of New England and New York

Last Saturday, March 24, 2012, the New England and New York Community members held their event which was attended by Chiengkuach Mabil, Maluak Malou, Anei Nhial, Akuoch Mun, Deng Koryom and other members of the Greater Bor Community leadership. On top of it all, our friends from Dinka Ngok, Bhar El Ghazal and Nuer community joined us in big numbers and contributed selflessly. The event was a bomb! These folks gave it up really big!

As part of the plan in these events, the report on the trip and the state of affairs of our community here in the U.S is given, followed by a Q&A session after which the fundraising takes place. Again, we are thankful to the New England and New York Community members who gave us very bold answers when we asked them for their support. We are looking forward to the Arizona Community next Weekend and the other events following it.

 The Phoenix, AZ Event, April 7

Tucson and Phoenix plus your neighbors, we are coming! How big and far are you going to go? We cannot wait to be with you on April 7, 2012. We expect AZ neighbors to join us here (California, Nevada, Colorado and others).

Salt Lake City, UT Event, April 14

Salt Lake, are your ears opened? Did you hear what Boston has done? Stay tune to what AZ will do after which, we are coming to see how you do it! We would like all the neighbors to join us here (Colorado, Seattle, and others close to Salt Lake City).

The Texas Event, April 21

The great state of Texas (Amarillo, Dallas Areas, and Houston) will have its event on April 21st, 2012. We also invite neighboring states to attend. We are still working to pin down a location among Dallas, Amarillo, and Huston.

Atlanta, GA Event, May 5

Then it is going to be you, ATL with all your neighbors (Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Carolinas). We cannot wait to see you all.

The D.C Areas, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania Event, May 12

On May 12, 2012, we will have an event either in Virginia or D.C for the areas mentioned above. We invite all members of our community and friends to attend. More details will soon follow.

The Midwest Event, June 2

We are working with the Midwest folks to find a host City for this event. Soon, we will rock the Midwest and the date is already set, it is June 2, 2012. We are betting on the great people of South Dakota or Iowa (since these two states are in the center of Midwest) to host this event. Then all the other folks from MO, NE, MN, ND, and whichever one of SD or IA that is not doing the hosting will join!

Michigan Event, June 9, 2012

On June 9, 2012, we have the event scheduled in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We intend for Illinois and Kentucky to attend as well. We also invite folks from other states and around Michigan Cities to attend.

These events are opportunities to share our experiences from South Sudan as well as raising funds to support our community programs. Therefore, we ask all of you to come to them with your generous gifts to your community. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the events.

A few Announcements


We remain grateful to the people of Michigan for their innovative idea in Awak-de-Michigan that sparked and set off community energy, leading to the formation of our community office. For this reason, the Greater Bor Community Cultural Dance that takes place in September has been named as Awak-de-Michigan in recognition of the effort put forth by the Michigan community. We are, again, grateful to the Michigan community members for their consent to allow the Greater Bor Community Office to take and use the name, Awak-de-Michigan.

Therefore, let it be known that the September Dance is from now on called AWAK-DE-MICHIGAN. It will be called so even if we decide to take the September event outside the U.S. For example, say, if our community decides to take the September Dance to Winnipeg, Canada in 2013, the Dance will be called Awak-de-Michigan in Winnipeg.

It is fully under the responsibility of Greater Bor Community office of Youth and Culture. It will rotate among the regions of the United States. We ask all our sub-communities to not schedule any event during the Week of Labor Day in September of every year because that is the week of this great cultural Dance. Stay tune to the location announcement for it this year. We will let you know in less than three weeks.

 gbcCriteria for hosting Awak-de-Michigan


A state or region can place its request to the office of Greater Bor Community Youth and Culture (under, Anei Nhial Anei) to host Awak-de-Michigan. However, it has to meet some conditions;

  1. 1.Has to have an organized and active Bor Community
  2. 2.Cannot use other event as a reason for wanting it (You cannot request it because you have a wedding in your region or state but you can take your wedding to where it is). Otherwise, it is best to not schedule anything at all during this time
  3. 3.Has the ability to cover for at least 70% of the costs incurred in hosting the event
  4. 4.Understand that the organization and other related planning activities have to come from the Greater Bor Community office of Youth and Culture


Last but not least, yes, it is election time this year. We want folks who would  like to run for the leadership of Greater Bor Community to be aware so that they can start to reflex their muscles, yeah!

Again, thank you all for your unwavering support.

 Yours Sincerely,

 The Greater Bor Community-USA leadership

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