SPLM-DC member Eng. Charles Kisanga: make new start with different leaders

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Published on Friday, 12 June 2009 01:51
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Zechariah Manyok Biar is a contributor to NSV
 If Dr. Lam Akol thought it was not a good idea to unveil SPLM-DC members before the upcoming SPLM-DC party convention, then Eng. Charles Kisanga is Lam’s opposite. He came out of the closet to defend his new party. Eng. Kisanga wants to clarify to South Sudanese that SPLM mainstream got it all wrong. He seems to be a qualified lawyer who knows when to pursue and when not to. He also got it right when it comes to corruption and dictatorship. He knows how SPLM-DC will deal with these issues. Let us examine Eng. Kisanga’s points here to see if we are convinced to join SPLM-DC.


On SPLM mainstream’s intention to sue Dr. Akol’s SPLM-DC for using their name, Eng. Kisanga writes, “SPLM belongs to the Sudanese people as coined by late Hero Dr. John Garang and the rule of political parties does not mean that anybody cannot use any words or term with different logos. Full stop” (Sudan Tribune, June 11, 2009).


I don’t know whether Eng. Kisanga based his statement on Sudanese Constitution or international law. I cannot find his argument in any law. Maybe it is because I am not a lawyer. But I know that it is unlawful for anybody to use a published material without permission from the author or publisher. It is even more restrictive when it comes to using of names.


Eng. Kisanga wanted us to judge between him and Yien Matthew of SPLM when he says, “Yien Let us define the words, Sudan, Peoples, Liberation, Movement.” But the readers are left in suspense because neither Eng. Kisanga nor Yien Matthew even attempted to define the meaning of SPLM. What we hear is that “it seems the Queen of England gave the last three words to Yien,” followed by some other stuff.


Eng. Kisanga arrived at the conclusion that “The talks of suing is really childish and shows the calibre of the people who claim to rule the South Sudan on behalf of the masses  (and) It seems our SPLM leaders have no clue of law and society and they behaved like jungle rule law style.” Eng. Kisanga did not show us better rules as opposed to SPLM’s jungle rules.


On corruption, Eng. Kisanga says, “I’m sure every corrupt leader in SPLM know(s) me and my stand on corruption and they should indeed be worried very much now because indeed I’m determined and patient.” Maybe SPLM leaders know him, but I do not think Southerners know Kisanga’s stand against corruption. He should have given us evidence of his stand against corruption.


Eng. Kisanga, however, did not leave without showing us how SPLM-DC is planning to deal with corrupt officials. He writes, “SPLM-DC will persecute corrupt officials and they will be fired with no warning.” Really! I thought that wrongdoers in a democratic nation were given time to defend themselves in court before they are persecuted. Maybe corruption has become too much in South Sudan that SPLM-DC is planning to resort to dictatorship to wipe it out.


On the alleged funding of SPLM-DC by NCP, Eng. Kisanga writes, “The talk of NCP supporting SPLM-DC is a baseless accusation because SPLM gets all the money it wants from NCP/GoS and it blocks all other parties from having any penny and activities in the South Sudan except those who wants to subscribe to their corruption.” Okay. So it means that if SPLM gets its money from NCP, then SPLM-DC should also get its money from there?


Eng. Kisanga seems to answer this question. He says that running the party is really cheap. It cost SPLM-DC $5,000 to register and do other things and their members paid it all. So it means that SPLM-DC will always depend on $5,000?


No, Eng. Kisanga thinks that he and his leader, Dr. Akol are academicians who can just correspond by free e-mail and Skype. Eng. Kisanga does not stop there; he says that the members of SPLM-DC pay for his ticket. He even announced, “I’m very thankful to those who contributed to my air-ticket recently.” Sounds broke. Eng. Kisanga has also forgotten that he had condemned President Kiir in the preceding paragraph for wasting money to go to Khartoum as poor South Sudanese need that money. So people in the SPLM or GOSS who buy Kiir’s ticket to go to Khartoum are wasting poor people’s money, but the members of SPLM-DC who buy Kisanga’s ticket have leftovers?


On accountability, Eng. Kisanga says, “SPLM-DC is the way forward. We are for openness, transparent and accountability. If we in SPLM-DC are give(n) $60 million for transporting the Diaspora back home, not only will we use it properly we shall broadcast the news of the money donated over the BBC.” It sounds good. But is there any concrete evidence to show us that SPLM-DC can do better than SPLM mainstream when it comes to accountability?


It seems like our leaders still think that South Sudanese are illiterate and ignorant about their leaders’ selfish motives and can be used as means to achieve cheap political popularity. We need more than the reasoning of both Dr. Akol and Eng. Kisanga if we are to support that party.


*Zechariah Manyok Biar is a graduate student at Abilene Christian University, Texas, USA. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.